Easy Homemade Baby Gifts

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These homemade baby gifts are perfect for an upcoming baby shower! Whether you want to DIY your next shower gift or give a pretty new homemade item, you can do it quickly! 

These adorable homemade baby gifts are the perfect way to welcome a new life into this world! Check out these tutorials and find great bay gift ideas.

When I started learning how to sew a few years ago, it was out of necessity. We were expecting our little guy in a few months and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on cute baby items that we’d only need for a few months! Plus, I wanted pretty prints that looked cute and were functional. In the big box stores, those were hard to find together.

Another bonus for learning how to sew cute homemade items for Owen? I was able to monogram all the things. It’s a trait I fell hard for when we lived along the Gulf Coast. #MonogramItAll

If you are learning how to sew, I encourage you to give these cute little homemade baby gifts a try. They are all perfect for beginners and totally useful!



Easy Homemade Baby Gifts


Here is an easy guide to making your own burp cloths! They are super simple and perfect for beginners.

Homemade Baby Burp Cloths


This super soft baby blanket is the perfect homemade baby gift for anyone expecting a new baby

Minky Baby Blankets


Here's how to make quick and easy baby blankets! These homemade baby blankets are a great DIY gift for babies

Quick Baby Blankets


Here's a tutorial on how to make applique baby blankets! Personalize this homemade baby gift for the new bundle of joy

Applique Baby Blankets


Personalized baby tees or onesies are perfect homemade baby gifts that new parents will love and cherish

Personalized T-Shirts or Onesies

Toddler Homemade Gifts

…and new moms always need more than just the first 9 months of baby gear! Prep them with these quick & easy toddler aged homemade gifts…


These hooded towel sets are adorable homemade baby gifts that will make baby bath time even more fun.

Cute Hooded Towels



These lightweight summer baby blankets are perfect for warmer weather

Lightweight Summer Blankets


These easy to make, super soft flannel blankets are perfect homemade baby gifts for kids of any age!

Super Soft Flannel Blanket 


These easy to sew toddler pillow cases are perfect for youngsters who have finally made their way to their own beds

Toddler Pillowcase


More Beautiful Homemade Baby Gifts

Don’t have enough time to make your own handmade baby gifts? No worries! I found some beautiful homemade baby gifts that you can skip making and simply wrap up!

Here is a beautiful and homemade present for your next shower! Whether you make them yourself or buy a pretty homemade gift, you’ll be giving her a gift she’ll love!

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These easy homemade baby gifts are perfect for any new mom! You can DIY baby shower gifts quickly! #baby #newmom #sewing #newborn

Any new mom will love these homemade baby gifts! Easy tutorials for any beginner sewer!

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