Are you ready to save time this week?

The ultimate shortcut-making tool to help working moms take control of their home life & work time, once and for all....

We all know that work-life balance doesn't really exist. So how can you manage a quality home life while still giving your career all you've got?

My solution was creating a schedule & system that put me in control, transforming my time into a well-oiled machine.

Without this unique scheduling approach, I would still be living in state of survival mode, guilt and fatigue.

Imagine waking up on Monday with pre-planned pockets of time to cross things off your to-do list AND even have some time for yourself!

If you are ready to say "no" to the unnecessary, and "yes" to things you really enjoy with your own time and family, then you need this system!

What Are You Struggling With During The Day?

  • Are you feeling chronically disorganized with your time?
  • Do you find those generic scheduling planners from Target aren't getting it done?
  • Do you accidentally find yourself needing to be in 2 places at once?
  • Have you caught yourself saying "Yes" to everything?

Did you answer YES to any of those questions?

2 years ago I said YES to all of them. 

I was a working mom juggling two little kids trying to keep our life in order. We were disorganized. I was constantly overcommiting to every sign-up.

I'd go to bed at night wondering what on Earth happened to my day.

I knew that wasn't a way to keep moving through our lives. We owed ourselves some sort of schedule, even if wasn't perfect. So that meant I needed to do the work-- make a plan and then commit to sticking with it.

And then the Complete Schedule Overhaul was born.

Now? We are still working and busier than ever. However our days make sense. We aren't losing track of our time. And it's been completely life changing. I'm not frustrated. 

I want that for you, too!

Now, I want to share the ultimate tool to help working moms take control of their time, once and for all....


The Complete Schedule Overhaul


a digital download, nothing will be shipped to you

How would you feel if this time next week you had extra time on your hands, not rushing to be in 2 places at once?

Finally read that book everyone is talking about!


Brittany has created a workbook system that will set you up to succeed. The Complete Schedule Overhaul will help give you back your missing time.

As a stay-at-home mom I find my time easily gets dismissed as my children’s or husband’s time; I’m easily at their beck and call all day. This workbook gives me a plan that I can use and rearrange as family life changes.

I am able to give myself grace when it cannot all be done, and the knowledge that planning will make the difference in becoming super organized and not a hot mess. Follow the actionable assignments to create your family’s routine. It all helps me focus on the tasks at hand!

Heather S.Fellow Mom 

or enjoy some time to relax...

How would you choose to spend your extra free time?


I'm a cheap person, I hate spending money on services that I am able to do and would much rather put that money towards other things I like doing (aka traveling). What I realized while reading through the planning section was that I was thinking of outsourcing EVERYTHING and those dollar amounts were worth it to me.

Ashley Kidd Mom of 2

finally, a tool that is designed to make more time for your family...

With its fully editable workbook, you will be able to immediately transform your schedule. Through a combination of no-fluff advice and practical assignments, the Complete Schedule Overhaul will help you take control of your time, once and for all.

From understanding why most schedules are set up to fail to learning how to become a planner, the Complete Schedule Overhaul is ultimate working mom time saving lifesaver you’ve been waiting for!

a digital download, nothing will be shipped to you

and it's fillable on your computer!


Making this workbook fillable means that you don't need to print it off, unless you want to! I understand that you're busy. I want you to succeed and that means making it as simple as possible for you to take action and overhaul your schedule!

Can you imagine what it will feel like to accomplish all this?

  • Learn why you’ve been set up to fail over & over again

  • Learn how to identify what you really need to do versus what you would like to do
  • Become flexible in scheduling
  • Become a planner mom, not a scratch made mom
  • Understand why multi-tasking rarely works well
  • Schedule downtime even when you don’t think you have time for it
  • Learn why you should always work backward rather than forwards in the morning
  • How to recover when your schedule goes off the rails!
  • Finally, how to season-proof your schedule

why not start now?


As a mom who works from home, I found the Complete Schedule Overhaul to be just what I needed to make the most of the time I have. I was encouraged to focus on what matters and let go of trying to do it all. This guide will help you get focused in on your time and using it well.

Keri Snyder Keri Lynn Snyder

Which option is right for you?



The Complete Schedule Overhaul Workbook

  • Complete Schedule Overhaul Workbook
  • Fully Editable
  • Includes Facebook Group Access
  • Includes all bonuses!
Workbook &
Quick Start


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30 min video call & ultimate home binder to get you started quickly!

  • Complete Schedule Overhaul Workbook (Fully Editable)
  • Includes Facebook Group Access
  • Includes all bonuses!
  • The Ultimate Home Binder
  • 30 Minute Quick Start Video Call with Brittany
  • Full Value $126
The Ultimate Strategy


BEST VALUE!  Save 60%!

The ultimate package for making the best schedule for your family!

  • Complete Schedule Overhaul Workbook (Fully Editable)
  • Includes Facebook Group Access
  • Includes all bonuses!
  • The Ultimate Home Binder
  • 60 Minute In-Depth Video Call with Brittany
  • 7 Day email access after your call with Brittany for follow-up questions!
  • Full Value $225

take a peek inside the workbook...


With the Complete Schedule Overhaul, Brittany makes working moms feel far more in-control of their time. She reminds them that they should NOT feel like they have to "do it all," but rather, helps them prioritize what's most important and make time for those things.

After all, why are we saying yes to so many things that don't matter, and not saying yes to the things that really do?

Mauri Jane King The American Patriette

But that's not all you get...

($10 Value)

Print at home and use them to keep your schedule on-track!  Includes a pre-filled set AND a blank set for you to use!

(Use Avery Brand Template Presta #94500)

($25 Value)

Wondering how I do it all? It's a secret!

Shhhh... I don't really do it all at all. I've found some amazing tools & resources

to help me make my life easier and I'm sharing them ALL with you!

When you're ready, these are the best resources to help you organize your entire life at home and make life easier.

($47 Value)

Join an exclusive group for fellow Complete Schedule Overhaul buyers!

Share what works for your family & be inspired by others!

Take Control of Your Time Today!


However, we do offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee so if you buy the workbook and decide it’s just not for you for any reason, you can request a full refund -- no questions asked!

What Questions Do You Have For Me?

Will I Receive a Physical Product?

No, this is a digital product. I will send you the files in your email. Be sure to leave a good one! All bonuses will be delivered electronically as well.  

How Can I Use the Awesome Fillable File?

We are going to use technology to save you SO MUCH time! Simply open your file in Adobe Acrobat and start getting to work. You can see exactly how to do it in the video above!

Will This Replace My Planner?

No, the Complete Schedule Overhaul is perfect for shaping your days! You will learn how to stay on schedule using tools like your own paper planner, Google Calendar, and others!

What if I have another question?

If I haven't addressed something on this page, please feel free to contact me at brittany[at] and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Please remember, this is a digital product! You will not receive anything in the mail! :)