23 No Bake Easy Appetizers!

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These easy appetizers require zero baking! Enjoy your next Summer potluck with these yummy recipes. Everyone will love what you brought to the party and you’ll spend virtually no time making them!

These easy no-bake appetizers are perfect for your next summertime party

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With Summer finally, in full swing, it’s time for one of my favorite times of the year— weekend get-togethers. And with any potluck style event, bringing a dish that everyone loves and in a large batch is a top priority.

However, this year, I wanted to share some really yummy easy appetizer recipes that are completely no bake. That means less time you’ll spend indoors and more time actually enjoying the party!

Plus… no bake means fewer dishes, right? 😉


No-Bake Desserts

Looking for no-bake desserts rather than these easy appetizers? Not a problem! You can find almost two dozen over here at 20 Yummy No Bake Dessert Recipes.

I know everyone loves a good easy appetizer recipe and dessert. To help organize your options, I split the no-bakes recipes into two articles. Desserts above, keep reading for all the appetizer ideas!


This easy dessert fluff is a simple party dish that the whole crowd will love


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My Favorite Summer Serving Dishes

When it comes to a party, I like to break out my break-proof dishes. They add some fun personality that I don’t normally have inside the kitchen and are super easy to clean up afterward. 

I’m always the lady with the festive paper plates and coordinating napkins. #noShame





No Bake Easy Appetizers!

These easy appetizers require zero baking! Enjoy your next Summer potluck with these yummy recipes. Click to see them all!

Which easy appetizers are you going to choose for your next party? The dips are always so popular with our family. Have a great start to the outdoor entertaining season!





23 Easy No Bake Appetizers for Summer - a collection of recipes that are easy and delicious, with no hassle needed in the hot summer heat


You've got to try some of these super easy no bake appetizers at your next summer party! From savory to sweet, there's something for everyone

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  1. Love all these No bake easy appetizers , Specially “Sweet Strawberry Bruschetta With Ricotta & Balsamic Glaze”, this one seems so delicious. will love to try this one. Thanks for sharing recipe with us.

  2. These No Bake Easy Appetizers seems super delicious , will love to try this unique recipe . Thanks for sharing this one with us , will love to try these appetizers.

  3. excited to try these No Bake Easy Appetizers, gonna surprise my members with some of these appetizers. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Thanks for sharing these No Bake Easy Appetizers , these seems delicious and unique . Super excited to try these appetizers for sure .

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