7 Easy Ways to Plan for Your Fall Decorating Ideas

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These no-fail Fall decorating ideas are perfect for when you are short on time! The best parts about Fall decorations are making your home warm & cozy!   

Take a look at these seven easy ways to plan your fall home decor

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There is nothing like the Fall that makes for the start of one of the best times of the year. And if you love scrolling through Pinterest as much as I do, Fall decor is one of the best things ever. But who has time to do it all?

Today I wanted to share my favorite Fall decorating ideas that take virtually no time. You can plan these over your lunch break throughout the week and be decorating by Saturday morning (or sooner!)…

A fresh tablescape is the perfect touch of fall home decor

7 Easy Fall Decorating Ideas

If you’re feeling like you want to dive into fall decor, but are short on time, I wanted to share my favorite easy Fall decorating ideas!


This fall themed centerpiece has leaves and red and orange fabric pumpkins 

Decorate with Small Touches

If the thought of displaying decorations makes you feel overwhelmed, choose to start with building some neutral colors. Use these basics in small touches. Think white, ivory, or orange pumpkins.  A few years ago I went all out with my Great Pumpkin Family Room. Since then, I’ve focused more on picking up a few items here and there that can feel less overpowering.

I use white pumpkins just about everywhere to balance all the golden colors! As a bonus, I can use them every year regardless of what is trendy for the year. This is my absolute FAVORITE place to buy white pumpkins.


Ways to Add Fall Decor with Small Touches:

  • Add Fall garland over a sofa table, mantle or centerpiece. It’s like the decor in a box answer! (Target, this one, and Michaels are my favorite places!)
  • Add fabric pumpkins in wood bowls
  • Add small white pumpkins on your shelves or in baskets
  • Add a wreath on mirrors or on hall doors (DIY a wreath in just TWO STEPS here!)
  • Swap out greenery with gold or orange/red sprigs. Keep the same vases out on the shelf!
  • Buy a few pillow covers to go over your existing couch pillows



Subtle touches of fall decor around your home, like pumpkins and floral arrangements are easy ways to decorate for fall


Plaid ribbon is a great way to add simple touches of fall home decor


Use Ribbon Everywhere

Just like my favorite $10 Christmas Tree Trick, I use seasonal ribbon to jazz up my decor. You can buy one or two rolls each year to change up your decor without actually having to overhaul all your decor. 

For the best look, find a wide 2″+ wire ribbon.

Ways to Use Ribbon for Fall Decorations

  • Cut a piece to add in a centerpiece
  • Faux “Hang” Wreaths (I use this ALL THE TIME!!)
  • Use as a filler in lanterns 



Decorate your front porch for fall with simple touches like pumpkins and flower pots


Decorate Your Front Porch

Decorating my front porch is single-handedly my FAVORITE way to decorate for Fall. There is something so enjoyable to pulling up to our house after a long day at work and feeling like we are HOME.

It’s a great feeling and I want to share that with you.

Easy Front Porch Decorating Ideas:




Evergreen decor is the perfect way to decorate for fall and keep the decor up for months later


Add Decor That Lasts For Months

If the thought of changing out your decor each month exhausts you, stay far away from Halloween decor! Otherwise, you’ll feel compelled to remove it November 1st and it’s still too early for Christmas decor.

If you’re short on time and energy, decorate for the entire Fall season with golden colors. 

Unless you’re totally psyched for all things Halloween or are hosting a Halloween party, skip the bright purple, black, silver, and orange colors.



Small accent pieces are the perfect way to add some fall decor to your home


Adding little pumpkins to home decor pieces that you already have makes fall home decor even easier


Repurpose The Basics That You Already Have!

Before you run to the store and buy more holiday decorations, take a look around at what you can use for the season.  

Yesterday afternoon, I took this lantern and filled it with some leftover pumpkins. I plan on adding more & more things as I unpack my holiday totes. Those little pumpkins have moved around several rooms throughout our Michigan house and these days they are in the lantern in Arizona.

Each year you can change the way you use your items. What may work in the foyer one year, may create a pretty collection in a coffee table tray, on a shelf, or in a lantern.

Once you’ve identified which basics you can use, then you can start shopping to fill in any new items or incorporate a new trend. Keep reading to see my favorite way to snag FREE Fall decor!

Items to Repurpose For Fall Decor:

  • Vases
  • Lanterns
  • Trays
  • Fabric Napkins (Layer them on top of serving ware, trays, or centerpieces! They double for cozy!)
  • Blankets
  • Wreaths (Add ribbon!)
  • Books (Style like binding colors together next to a pumpkin!)
  • Candles & Candle Holders
  • Mirrors
  • Wood Cutting Boards
  • Turn a Garland into a Wreath with some string or wreath wire
  • Whatever works for you!




Fall decorating doesn't have to be complicated. Small accent touches like pillows and flower arrangements give the perfect touch of fall


Host a Girls Night Decor Swap

Spend virtually nothing on Fall & Christmas Decor by hosting your own decoration swap! Plan for a much-needed Girl’s Night by texting your friends to bring over a laundry basket of their still useable decor.

You’ll get some new-to-you decor and then you’ll be able to declutter the stuff you no longer want! It’s such a win-win for easy decor ideas!



This wooden crate with fall themed throw pillows and pumpkins is an easy way to decorate your home for fall


Focus on Creating Cozy

The “thing” about Fall decor is really about welcoming in cooler evenings by creating a home that feels cozy.  Think of lots of pillows and throw blankets. You can leave them on your couches or toss them in a basket.

If you have a mirror, hang a wreath with ribbon to build an extra layer of coziness. 

If you have a candle holder, layer it behind some pumpkins and fall decor to build a pretty vignette.

Keep each collection of baskets, couches, or tabletops neutral with a few pops of color. This will help you build up that coziness factor without making you feel like everything is mismatched or competing for attention.

Simple Ways to Add Cozy To Your Home

  • Layer a Larger Welcome Mat Under your regular Coir Welcome Mat
  • Layer Wreaths On Mirrors
  • Pile on Neutral Pillows in thick textures like yarn or fringe
  • Hang Seasonal Artwork (Use Command Strips and art from Smallwood Home!)
  • Hang a scarf in your mudroom on a hook or across a chair




Simple fall decorating ideas add warm and cozy touches to your home


I hope these Fall decorating ideas helped spark a little excitement to a really busy part of the year.

Don’t forget that this year always passes much quicker than we expect. Spend just a little bit of time to jump start that cozy feeling in your home with Fall decor. Spend the rest of the season crossing off items on your fall bucket list!






7 super easy ways to decorate for fall


7 easy ways to plan your fall home decor



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