Get Your Home Ready for Fall: 5 Home Organization Steps to Take BEFORE the Holidays Hit

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With back-to-school, harvest, and Halloween, the holidays will be here before you know it. Here’s how to put away summer items and tidy up the house to get ready for colder weather. Get your home ready for Fall today!  

5 Home Organization Steps to Take BEFORE the Holidays Hit

Do you tell yourself each year that this Fall is going to be different?

That you’ll be better prepped for the start of the busiest time of the year?

I do, too!

Once the kids are back to school, it’s time to kick butt in getting your home ready for Fall. And here is exactly you can prepare for Fall with almost no effort at all.

Build a Sports-Proof Back to School Schedule

With two kids in multiple Little League divisions, Girl Scouts, and NEHS, it’s almost a guarantee that we have something going on every night. To prep as best as possible, I recommend that the week before school starts, do a quick dry run of your morning AND afternoon routines.

It may be as simple as writing down chore charts OR may require setting up recurring Google calendar invites for the reminders features. This would also be a great time to see whose parents could assist with carpooling to make one side of pick-up or drop-off easier.

Don’t be afraid to delegate.

The most crucial part of coordinating our evenings is both meal planning and using a shared Google calendar. Having dinner planned is 75% of the effort and having a conversation about where the kids need to be closes up any potential gaps.

Rockstart Scheduling & Organization Ideas

A small front porch decorated for fall! Includes a few DIY projects with easy home decor that any busy mom can knock out during naptime!

Get Your Home Tuned Up for Fall

It’s so easy to forget that as we transition from open windows to turning on the heater for the first time, we need to pay some extra attention around the house.

Before we can enjoy the pumpkins and pretty front porches, we need to make sure we are safe (looking at you smoke detectors) and that the big-ticket items are tuned up before cold weather hits!

Knowing in early fall that the furnace needs some maintenance is much easier to handle than finding it out when you need to turn it on one cold evening and it doesn’t work.

We all know that any time we can prepare ahead of time, it saves us so much energy. And moving into Fall is no different!


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Declutter Your Basement & Holiday Decorations

Are you guilty of forgetting which holiday decorations you already own and impulsively pick up an adorable gnome or pumpkin only to realize you ALREADY bought it at the end of last season?

Me too!

Before the itch to buy some cute new decor from Home Goods, do a quick 20-minute scan to see what you already have in storage or plastic totes from last year.

These basement storage organizing ideas will help you get started on gathering your items and making sense of the stuff in the garage or basement.

Have an hour or more? While you pull out your Fall/Halloween decorations, don’t be afraid to make a “Buy/Sell/Trade” and a Trash pile. If you weren’t going to use it anyways, there isn’t any reason why you can’t declutter NOW and give someone else the opportunity to use it just in time for this season!

Extra Bonus: More available tote space for any new items that you find.

Stock Up To Avoid Colds and Germs!

Whether you’re spending most of your days at home or the kids are catching germs at school, it’s great to stock up your medicine cabinet BEFORE germ season starts!

And it’s so important that Jordan & I are at least prepared for the germs rather than running to the store late at night when one of us is miserable. After all, parents aren’t really allowed sick days, are they?

Here is exactly how I organize our “medicine cabinet.” 

Ready to avoid the germs this season? Here are FIVE MORE WAYS to avoid getting sick this year during the Flu season!

Whether you’re changing out your air filters, decluttering your Fall decor plastic totes, or stocking your medicine cabinet, make a list to start getting your home ready for Fall today! Not only will your future self thank you, but you’ll be able to enjoy a Fall Bucket List without feeling guilty!


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