30 Must Have Christmas Potluck Ideas

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These amazing Christmas potluck ideas are ideal for those who need make-ahead dishes for parties! Don’t stress about what to take to your next party with these quick & easy potluck recipes. 

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Do you have a few get-togethers this holiday season where you need to bring a dish to share with everyone?

Or are you in charge of taking a dish this year to a family party that isn’t close to home? Work, family, friends, or church?

If you are, I wanted to share some crowd-pleasing Christmas potluck ideas for every party on your calendar this year. 

I feel like the weekends between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be such a whirlwind of dinner party-ing. But not like the fancy kind, just the kind that everyone brings a dish and enjoys great company.

Do you experience this busy season, too?

If you do, definitely make this part of the year a whole lot easier using one these Christmas Potluck ideas the next time you need a recipe!


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Travel Ready Potluck Recipe Must-Haves

And the best part about these Christmas potluck ideas? So many of them are travel-friendly! I completely understand what it’s like to prep everything ahead of time, and then have to drive an hour or more to a relative’s home.

If you are traveling this year, consider making sure that your travel is as easy as possible with these must-haves:


Extra Potluck Ideas for Work

Most of us don’t have access to an oven at work. But that is okay, you can still make something really yummy to share with co-workers without resorting to a bag of chips, I promise!

How to have a ROCKSTAR potluck at work:

  • Prep a Slow Cooker recipe that you can cook on HIGH until lunchtime
  • A cold dish that can stay in the office refrigerator
  • A dessert that can stay at your desk all morning
  • A side dish that doesn’t need to stay warm


Don’t stress about what to take to your next party! These ideas will help you share a favorite recipe but without the hassle of having to cook it once you arrive! Enjoy your holidays friends. Don’t forget to grab your free Christmas Organizer and Slow Cooker Cookbook!

30 Amazing Christmas Potluck Ideas

Christmas Potluck Ideas

Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Holiday Organizer! It’s the perfect answer to make your holidays less overwhelming!




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