18 Ideas for Small Bathroom Storage! [ORC Week 5]

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Whoa! This is the last week before next week’s final reveal! Can you believe the our little powder room is almost ready to go? I am so excited to have one room finished. If you’re new here, I’m Brittany. I am passionate about sharing time saving advice & easy projects for busy moms.

This month we’ve participated in the One Room Challenge. Over the past month I’ve shared my design plan, how to easily Board & Batten walls, install a new pedestal sink, and finally added accent tile. Whew. It’s been busy!


One Room Challenge

This week we are installing small shelving above the toilet. The powder room desperately needs storage and some character to fill up the walls! We created the floating shelving for only a few dollars apiece. We used our go-to stain and it pops against the gray-blue walls.

Floating shelves make for perfect small bathroom storage solutions


These DIY floating shelves are perfect small bathroom storage solutions


Now, I can place taller objects on the left hand side and the right side takes up space against the far wall. I don’t feel compelled to try and fill up the entire space, because it feels like something is already there. Hopefully that makes sense. 🙂

During our bathroom makeover, we needed to find storage solutions for the small space

In addition to installing the floating shelving, Jordan was busy spackling, caulking, and finishing painting the walls. They are looking so nice!! This is already my favorite room in the house. 🙂

While we are finishing up the shelving, and installing all the other items on my to-do lists, I wanted to share with you 18 storage solutions that are perfect for the toilet. Who says they have to be boring??

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Which one is your favorite? I love how each cabinet or shelf adds personality to a small room. Little touches are so easy, but sometimes we forget them! I thought our shelves added some fun to our room by deliberately making them off sides.


Have a great week and I cannot wait to share the FINAL REVEAL next week! Yay!!

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Need some small bathroom storage solutions? These 18 over the toilet storage options add much needed space in your small bathroom.


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  1. Love all these suggestions!! There are really so many options even in small spaces. Oh, and isnt it so funny how when your redoing a room that suddenly becomes your favorite spot in the house? ? I feel the same way every time we update a space.

    >> Christene
    Keys to Inspiration

  2. These are some great bathroom storage ideas. I am impressed with your work. I enjoyed over reading your blog post. Your blog have nice information and I got good ideas. Thanks for sharing this.

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