Budget Powder Room Reveal [ORC Week 6]

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Here is an easy DIY budget powder room makeover! We used easy projects to go from builder grade blah to modern style with simple & easy projects.

Our DIY budget powder room makeover turned out great - we live this tile backsplash with the new paint color

AHHHHHH!!!! It’s finally here! Can you believe it has been one whole month since the One Room Challenge started? Everything happened so quickly. I cannot wait to show you the powder room finally finished. And you, guys our marriage is still a thing, so we survived 🙂 This was such a fun challenge, but gosh, it was work. With only having the weekends to do projects (and add in a holiday), we were constantly pressed for time.

If you’ve never stopped by this corner of the internet, I’m Brittany. I am super passionate about sharing easy and quick tutorials. I love creating simple projects that any busy mom can actually create— even if she doesn’t have a lot of free time.

We added a pedestal sink to our new powder room

The One Room Challenge is sponsored by Linda at Calling it Home.  Each week you can see the guest blogger’s latest updates at Calling it Home. It’s a great opportunity to see so many design styles, find potential DIY projects for your own home, and finally — a finished room!

This week I filled in the empty spots in the powder room and decorated the space! I can’t wait to show the finished room. But first, let’s remember the super dark and lack of character ‘BEFORE…’


Our old powder room was dark and cramped

Don’t forget this was only 5 weeks ago!

Our old powder room needed a DIY makeover

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And here was the design plan!

Design board and inspiration for our DIY budget powder room makeover

Board Inspiration Pedestal Sink | Vanity Lighting | Paint Color (Gracious Gray) | Faucet | Floating Shelving | Fresh Greenery | Mirror | Mosaic Tile

I am really proud that I stayed as close as possible to our plan. We are super visual people, so it was helpful to take the time, pick out the pieces individually, and then place them on a board.

And here is the Powder Room looking a little bit fancier these days…. drumroll please!

Black, white, and gray tile backsplash with gray walls and a white pedestal sink in our new powder room

You guys, I wish I could bring you over the house in person. The powder room has no natural light, so it was difficult taking great pictures! Bear with me and let’s walk through my little cave-like powder room… 🙂

I found the hanging window frame at Home Goods for less than $20! It was a total steal. However, it was super rustic and was more yellow in color than white. I used some leftover eggshell bright white paint and quickly covered it up. In the near future I’ll be on the lookout for large 5″x7″ prints. I simply ran out of time. 🙂

Batten board walls with a new black, white, and gray tile border and soft gray paint

Our powder room is so much brighter after our DIY budget makeover


Wandering what we accomplished over the past month?

Our To-Do List for the Powder Room

Doesn’t it look awesome? I am so proud of the work Jordan did on this room. I tried to help out as much as I could shopping ( 😉 ) and setting up & tearing down the room as he worked.

Before and after our DIY budget powder room makeover

New sink and vanity in the newly madeover pwoder room

DIY floating shelves for our new powder room

I love how the floating shelves are fun to look at it and give me a spot to store away extra items for visitors.  Bonus– can you believe I picked up that glass lantern for less than $10? It was my deal of the day! Every item on the shelf was less than $10 apiece. At Home Goods, I picked up most of the decor, including the basket, which was only $4.99!

We made these awesome DIY floating shelves for our new powder room

It’s turned into my favorite space. Even Aubrey told Jordan that she loves it. 🙂 Whew. After this crazy busy makeover, it’s time to give Jordan (and our wallet) some much-needed rest!

I am so happy that we participated in our first ever One Room Challenge! It was a fun experience because it made us actually finish a room and be quick with decisions! Sometimes we wait too long debating what the ‘right’ answer is on our projects. While the ORC happens twice a year, I think it may be quite some time before I can convince Jordan to do this again. 🙂

Sources for the Powder Room Makeover



Take a look at the Powder Room progress here:



Builder Grade Powder Room Makeover: Before and After



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  1. The new powder room is beautiful . I can’t believe you had that large of a transformation in only 5 weeks.

  2. Wow!!! The new powder room looks amazing! You did a great job with that board and batten and the tiling. I love how it all came together. Also, I’m loving the geometric-ness of that pedestal sink! It looks so good with the walls. Also good job for finishing in the allotted time, the ORC can be totally crazy. You did it!

    >> Christene
    Keys to Inspiration

  3. That’s an awesome transformation. I love the paneling and also the floating shelves in particular. The room looks very cohesive!

  4. I am so in love with your transformation the brilliant colors caught my eyes… I really need that mirror for my guess bathroom can u tell me where did you purchase it. Keep up the good work!!

  5. I really like your makeover and am thinking of doing ours similar. Thank you for including the sources and names of paints etc. What was your initial budget and what was the final cost?

    1. Hi Jamie! Offhand I don’t recall the total cost. The paint and Board & Batten made such a big impact for a relatively low cost. The supplies needed would depend on the size of your bathroom. For each paint color, we bought a gallon of paint. In the board & batten post, I think I mentioned how many boards we used. For the shelving, we made those ourselves for less than $10 a piece. The largest cost was the new pedestal sink. But that was a splurge and totally NOT necessary. Thank you for stopping by and good luck on your bathroom project!

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