36 Non Candy Kids Valentines Ideas for School

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Make your own non-candy Valentines this year with these super easy Kids Valentines Ideas for School! Buy the supplies online ahead of time and craft the night before. No one will know how quick they were! 

These 36 kids valentines for school are great ways for kids to share Valentines that aren't candy, making everyone feel included! #Valentines #NonCandyValentines #KidsValentines


Can you believe we are only a few short weeks away from Valentine’s Day?

While we are still digging out of Christmas candy, the LAST thing our family really needs is more candy coming into the house. It’s bad. We have this overflowing Tupperware bowl of stocking candy. #oops

To save you some time today, I collected my favorite non-candy treats for your kids to take to school on Valentine’s Day. Not only are they adorable for the school kids but you’ll feel better not adding more candy to the Christmas candy bowl.


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36 Non-Candy Kids Valentines Ideas for School

Ready to get a little crafty? Order your supplies ahead of time on Prime and make most of them in just one night!


Which Valentine treat are you planning on making this year? Share your favorite in the comments!









36 Easy Non-Candy Kids Valentines for School: Perfect Valentine's Day treats for school that don't involve any candy!

36 Non-Candy Valentines to Make: great ideas for kids valentines for school that don't require candy

36 Easy to Make Kids Valentines for School - great ideas that don't include candy

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