An Honest Shipt Review: What Every Mom Needs to Know

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Interested in the grocery delivery service Shipt? Find out what you need to know about the service and what a Shipt experience is really like. Here is my full Shipt review. It’s perfect for those nights when you need ingredients and 30 minute dinners!

Interested in the grocery delivery service Shipt? Find out what you need to know about the service and what a Shipt experience is really like! 

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Do you ever have those evenings where you start running behind and never seem to catch up? While I’d love to tell you everything is as punctual as boot camp in the Wise house, that’s totally not the case. We face the same unexpected delays that everyone else. Also, neither of us has been to boot camp, so we really don’t know/appreciate the efficiency that it is. 🙂

As I was cleaning up for dinner tonight,  I thought about how I really wanted to share how I cut out some extra work during the week. It’s one way to help ease an endless to-do list or a night that becomes more overwhelming than originally planned.

So I thought that If I was having an overwhelming evening, I should share my story in case you are too!

I don’t have a maid or a personal chef. And I’m not a barrel of unlimited energy.


I use Shipt to help me out during the week. A lot.

I use Shipt to avoid running to the grocery store, unloading both kids, waiting in line, just to load them back up in the car, and head home to prep dinner. These days, the groceries can arrive when I request and it saves me so much time. While I can’t escape the dentist office, it’s one thing that I can mark DONE on my list of never-ending to-dos.


[This post wasn’t sponsored by Shipt or anything. They have no idea who I am. I just wanted to share something that is new, popular, and useful for busy families! ]

My Personal Shipt Review

If you haven’t heard of Shipt before, it’s this grocery delivery service that is comparable to Amazon Prime. You pay a small annual fee and receive free delivery on groceries from some of your closest stores. Any delivery over $35 is free!

We started using Shipt in 2017. We were a little hesitant to use a grocery delivery service because we like to keep our weekly grocery bill under $110 for the week.  So we love to shop the sales ad! Since we meal plan, we traditionally only buy groceries that we need for the week. We were nervous about what happened if we requested an item and discovered that it wasn’t in our delivery because the store didn’t have it on-hand.

If you aren’t already a Shipt fanatic like we’ve turned into, I wanted to share a few of our biggest discoveries about Shipt with you.

Here is what I’ve learned since we started Shipt-ing.  [Can that be a word?]

What is Shipt?

If you aren’t familiar with the service, Shipt is a grocery delivery service. You can order your groceries on your internet browser on an app. It’s different from Kroger Clicklist or Wal-Mart Curbside Pick Up in that Shipt delivers the groceries to your home.

You won’t drive to pick up your items, they come to you (keep reading for more detail)!

When you choose your items, you will also choose a preferred delivery time. It’s generally an hour window where you’ll expect your delivery.

Does Shipt charge more for groceries?

Here is my totally unscientific research on comparing Shipt to shopping at the store…

I buy the sales on Shipt. While they won’t always exactly match up with the store, I’ve found that I can build my meal plans for the week around their current sale ad.

Occasionally I’ve even found several items that were cheaper on Shipt than the store! I stock up on those items if it’s a great sale and we use the ingredient!

Generally, I notice that my grocery bill is about $5 more than if  I had gone to the store myself.

BUT…. (you knew it was coming!)

I actually save money by Shipt-ing.

You see, I’m notorious for picking up the new crunchy snack on an end cap. Or the fun new yogurt for the kids during the week. Those little items add up big time.


With Shipt there is virtually zero impulse buying.

What if the store is out of an item?

This might be my favorite part of Shipt! Since you’re using the Shipt app, your shopper will notify you if something is out of stock. They will ask if they can substitute it for another brand instantly. All you need to do is reply to the text message with yes or no!

You won’t be left without a really important ingredient at the end of the trip.

What Is the Grocery Selection Like on the Shipt App?

I’ve used Shipt at our local Meijer store. In the past several months I have yet to find an ingredient not available for choosing inside the app! I was a bit cautious about choosing just general items, but really, they have an accurate inventory listing for brand names, generic names,  and spices. When it comes to fruit choices, you’ll choose the quantity needed, not the weight in pounds. #rookiemistake

How Are Your Groceries Delivered?

When you submit your order, you can add special notes in the delivery field that says “text me when you arrive.” While our shoppers have always texted us while they were checking out in the store, it’s always helpful to know when they arrive. If you have pets and want to put them away, or if you have a little one napping, you can catch them at the door before the doorbell rings!

Speaking from our experience, our shoppers always arrive carrying large tote bags full of our groceries. They always have our cold/freezer items inside of insulated bags. It’s a wonderful gesture.

As for where they drop off your groceries, you can request they set them inside your door or they will even take them into the kitchen!

Choose a comfort level that works for you.



How much does Shipt cost?

Normally, Shipt is $99 per year. That provides unlimited free deliveries on orders over $35! It’s an amazing value when you don’t need to run into the store after work or after practice! If you use it 3-5 times a month, it could cost you about $0.82 per delivery! (Snag your Shipt membership here!)

Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions which offer a significant discount on your first year. It’s a great way to test drive Shipt without spending too much money.

Am I Supposed to Tip My Shopper?

Like restaurant and other service industries, tipping is appreciated but not required. And like any other industry, the percentage tipped varies wildly as well! I usually tip about $7-$12 per delivery and our deliveries are usually $120 or less.

You have two options for tipping with Shipt. You can give your shopper cash when they drop off your groceries or you can tip on the app.



Do I Receive a Receipt?

Once your shopper marks your order as delivered, you will receive a receipt from Shipt. You will see the items you requested, the quantity requested, and how many were fulfilled. However, this is not a receipt from your grocery store. None of the items have a grocery store dollar value next to them, they only have the Shipt charged value. For that reason, we’ve only ever purchased items that we typically would never return.

Since Shipt was recently purchased by Target (yay!), they will roll it out to their stores and presumably there will be an easy return option. I’ve never tried returning a Shipt item so I cannot speak to that process right now!

Once your order is complete, you’ll be asked to rate your shopper and provide feedback. We’ve always had wonderful experiences with our shoppers so I try to rate them in case there is a review process.


Target Shipt Reviews

Do you need home goods and some groceries? Then you should definitely try out Shipt for Target! 

Right now, I still love a good Target run. I haven’t used Shipt yet for Target deliveries. When I pulled up Shipt and chose our local Target, I could shop for seasonal items like Halloween decor, kitchen items, and even holiday-specific candy!

The only thing I don’t see on the Shipt app for Target? Clothing. 


Do I recommend Shipt for Moms?

I’ve found the cost of Shipt to be such a great value in exchange for my time.

It’s been a great solution when our weekends get away from us and we can’t make it to the store ourselves. This usually happens when we are out of town traveling, working through a DIY project, or if someone is feeling under the weather.

Admittedly I was nervous the first time I used the Shipt service, but each time after became easier to pull the app and start using. I’m a total fan these days. 🙂

I really wanted to share one of my busy mom secrets with you! While I’m definitely NOT Supermom, I love finding great ways to save time and energy, because there is never enough coffee in the day!





Shipt review

shipt reviews

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  1. I think a little insider knowledge would be helpful. Don’t get make wrong ShipT is great but here is something every customer should know….

    1. Shoppers do not earn a wage. Drivers are subcontractors and do not earn a salary rather they receive “offer” via an app. If a job is available in ther area they can accept it. However…

    Depending on the size of the order delivery for that order can actually be below the states minimum wage. Shoppers receive a percentage so the less a customer orders the lower the pay scale will be. A order around 50$ or less will typically hit the shoppers app at an offer of 6 to 10$. If a customer does not tip, the driver walks away typically with less 6 to 8$. 9 if they are lucky. See ok? Keep #2 in mind…

    2. ShipT does not reimburse drivers or provide cellular devices. Gas, mileage and cell phone usage are drivers responsibility. So are T-shirt’s, insulated bags, thank you notes, carts or any other ShipT logo items purchased by the driver from ShipTs web site with the exception of the first T-shirt and the graduation package (two shirts and 1bag).

    3. ShipT is customer bias. If you’ve ever read the reviews on indeed you’ll see comments of shoppers who have been with the company for two or more years, maintained excellent delivery and customer rating and suddenly deactivated ( let go by the company) because of one customer review or complaint.

    Yes ShipT is great in some ways. It a fantastic side job for students.

    And the values and dedication to great customer service may seem great as well but I feel crumble over the drive to make more money. This is not to put ShipT down by any means but to bring awareness.

    1. Hi Anya! Sometimes the negatives can be seen as flexibility & positives options for those who cannot have a standard work schedule due to other commitments. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. But people have a choice in who they want to contract for. I am an independent contractor and if I don’t like the terms I don’t take the job.

    3. I was so excited by this (given I have a toddler) and ordered my first shipt order from Target but it was scheduled only for the next morning (almost after 20 hours). I was still excited because someone would bring my groceries for me. And then no one showed up and by the next day I did not have any groceries left. I spent my whole morning and afternoon waiting the next day. It was a terrible experience.
      So having to pay extra for the cost, getting a membership and adding on a tip and not being sure if anyone’s going to deliver. It did not work for me. Looks like you’re dependent on someone actually accepting to deliver your order and there’s no guarantee of anything.

      1. Hi CB! Did you contact Shipt? That seems really unusual. For each of my orders I can see the name of who is doing the shopping and they text me the entire shopping trip.

        1. I recently signed up to be a shipt shopper, because i was laid off and NEED the extra cash. I only did two deliveries because My customers didn’t get any of my texts while i was shopping and the only way to try and reach the Shipt customer service is by text, but they never respond. No replies at all to text, live chat, email. Then i either didn’t get tipped or it just wasn’t added by Shipt, I’ll never know, because they don’t reply.

  2. I recently became a Shipt shopper for these very reasons! And I love to shop! I don’t have little kids to worry about anymore. I love being helpful especially to mommies/families! I work in the medical field full time but with Covid19 my hours were cut. So i needed a side hustle and thought why not! I love It. But as you can imagine at this time there are more orders than we can probably handle. I’m not sure what happens to the orders that aren’t claimed by a shopper. But it bothers me to go to sleep at night thinking someone out there didn’t get what they needed. True confession time. I preview the order and if it’s nothing but junk food i skip it and find the orders that are for real foods that people really need. I know people are stuck home right now and need their treats but honestly, I’m concerned for people who need food. The elderly and Especially if I see baby food on the list! So many people order paper products and sanitizer that are just not in stock right now so be understanding of that. Don’t take it out on the shopper. In other words don’t shoot the messenger. ?
    Yes, it has been hard to get support on the phone but that’s because we are in a major pandemic right now and that’s going to be happening at most businesses you try to contact. I just email them and use my best judgement at the moment. I stay in contact and even send pictures of things that my customer might like as a substitution. Thanks for writing from the customers side of things! Hope you continue to enjoy Shipt!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing behind the scenes! We truly appreciate the work you’re doing NOW and on the front line working in the medical field. Stay healthy! –Brittany

  3. I discovered Shipt a few weeks after the beginning of the pandemic. No other shopping platform had deliveries before two weeks oe more! After discovering Shipt, to my everlasting delight, my orders were delivered within 24 hours at the latest!

    The online shopping could not have been easier. Fulfillment of my orders has been perfect…always on time, always excellently packed. Even the fresh fruit had to been excellent and very well selected.C

  4. To finish my comments…Shipt has been a godsend! I have recommended the service to my friends who also have been very pleased. Adding that to the fact is that it is giving work to people who need it, I am super pleased and relieved that Shipt is available!

  5. I just started using Shipt about 2 months ago and I have been very happy with it. The shoppers I have gotten have been great, friendly, helpful, polite and just a real joy to talk to.I shop about every 2 weeks and have really enjoyed not having to try and get to the store especially since I am disabled and want to stay away from any chances of contacting this darn virus. So if you haven’t tried Shipt give it a try, you may love it as much as I do and if you do like it go ahead and join it fo $99.00 and save the delivery charges and use the delivery charge as a tip for your shopper. Happy shopping to you all.

  6. I’ve been using Shipt off and on for around 2 years. They used to deliver for Giant Eagle my prefered store but don’t now and I understand Target bought Shipt but they don’t offer Target as an option for deliveries in my area. I had to switch to Meijers and they don’t carry many of the items I usually buy so I have to go to the store anyway even with a membership. It’s great for small deliveries though for produce that I run out of but major shopping trips I go with my daughter to my Giant Eagle and skip the home deliveries. I have met quite a few delivery people and everyone was great a complete turnaround from people who delivered from Acme and Walmart. I still liked the service better the first year I had them. They also refuse to comply with local laws and will not accept SNAP. Two pet peeves.

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