13 Reasons Why You Need to Start Meal Planning

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Do you find yourself always meaning to plan dinner …. and then you arrive home, it after 5pm and you’re thinking “What should we have?!” or even “Oh, I wish I would’ve remembered [blank ingredient] to make [blank dinner]?”  You’re the majority and totally not alone. Meal planning is difficult for so many families because it seems overwhelming to start. But the real secret is that, if you take a few minutes on Sunday afternoon, it’s super easy! And I ‘m giving you all the convincing you need to get started! Pssssttt— I have a two meal planners to give you today in order to get you started on right foot. You’ll see the link at the bottom of this post!

Are you ready to finally take control over dinner time? Here are 13 great reasons why you should start meal planning & how even the busiest moms can do it!!

Here are 13 reasons why you need to start meal planning!

1.  Your family is already busy, make this one less choice you need to make in the evening!

2.  Always know what is for dinner, regardless if you are making it homemade, semi-homemade, take out or delivery

3.  Always know that you have every ingredient for dinner

4.  Save $$$ by planning dinners around items in grocery sales ads

Want to learn more about meal planning? Enroll in my FREE Simply Easy Meal Planning Mini Course!


5.  Regularly rotate in new recipes with old favorites

6.  Save $$$ by packing your own lunch rather than grabbing something during lunch break (or morning coffee!)

7.  Plan to actually use the leftovers you are always saving, “just because”

8.  Ensures you’ll actually use the fruits & veggies that you bought at the grocery store

9.  Makes chaotic weeks less stressful with less decisions to be made

10.  Super easy to do! (Read how to do it well in Your Life Made Easy)

11.  Doesn’t require home cooking every night (see reason # 2)

12.  Whomever arrives home first can start dinner since it’s easy to see what needs to be made! (I make a wonderful prep chef. 😉 )

13.  Eliminate your food waste—you’ll never buy more than you need!

Click here to snag your own meal planner printable. There are two different options to help get you started!


These reasons are great for your wallet AND your waistline. If you made a New Year’s resolution to become a bit healthier, meal planning is perfect. I hope that you find that saving time during the and using a bit of your weekend free time creates an easier weeknight! Be sure to sign up for my printables library, you’ll see that there are two different meal planning templates in there to get you started on your meal planning journey!

Want to learn more about meal planning? Enroll in my FREE Simply Easy Meal Planning Mini Course!

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