I get it. Being a working mom is a tough job.

We made being working parents easier

to manage in just a few weeks!

As young, newly married, couple, we could not wait to become parents. Unfortunately, we were not prepared for how exhausting raising two little ones would be while we worked two demanding careers. By the time our workdays ended, we were so exhausted. 

We knew we wanted to take the few hours we had with our little ones each day and make the time really count. Over the years, we've learned how to easily run a well organized home that doesn't stress us out any more.

What Are You Struggling With At Home?

  • Are you feeling exhausted running home each evening and trying to figure out what is for dinner and how in the world will you find time to help the kids with homework?
  • Does the thought of cooking dinner every night overwhelm you?
  • Are you wanting to leave the house earlier every morning?

Did you answer YES to any of those questions?

5 years ago I said YES to all of them. 

I was a working mom juggling a newborn and keeping my career on track. I was struggling leaving for work before 6 am each morning.  I was tired at work and then tired at home. 

I knew that I'd always be a working mom ( #studentloans).  I knew that there had to be a better way, but I couldn't find that better way online. So my husband & I worked together to create a routine that allowed us to find more balance at home. 

We started by figuring out a routine that worked for us, not our neighbor down the road.

Then we commited to meal planning really easy recipes!

Then, we moved across the country, started new jobs, and became pregnant again.

Our life could've gotten harder. But it didn't! We kept using the same tips & tricks we'd learned over the years. While life changed, we followed what worked for us and our lives became even easier (even returning to work as a mom of 2).

Now, I want to share all my secrets for creating an organized week with you!


Your Life Made Easy

How to organize your day when you don't know where to start.

stop feeling overwhelmed...

Have you ever felt exhausted thinking about your to-do list each night? Working and being a mom is not easy! There is always too much to on our plates each evening and playing catch up every day is exhausting.

My readers crave an easy guide to making their lives easier once they arrive home from work. They want a step-by-step approach to finishing the things that really need to be done and feel less guilty about what isn’t a priority.

Ready to finally create and stay on track with a family routine? Through printable worksheets and real life planning, Your Life Made Easy will provide you the ability to plan your work week without worrying about missing a dinner or becoming overwhelmed with household chores. Your Life Made Easy is the ultimate busy mom guide you’ve been waiting for.


I love how the chapters are straight to the point, they're not long or overwhelming. Every home needs some organization, including routines because they're important for everyone, including children. From meal prep, cleaning, technology use, to creating (and finishing) home projects, this book touches on several areas that help make your home life easier. All families will benefit from this book!

Jen S. fellow mom of two

Here are just a few of the things you will learn
how to organize in your life...

Prioritize Your To-Do List

Learn how to identify the tasks that really need to happen each day. You'll develop a plan to tackle each of those items.

Develop a Routine

Learn how to finally create a routine that works for your family-- not someone else's!

Create Real Life Meal Plans

Learn how to make the just got home, "What is for dinner?" chaos a thing of the past.

Finally Keep Your Home Clean

Learn how to keep your home straightened up-- but without a lot of work. No outside help needed!

How to Manage When Your Spouse Travels

Learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed while you're spouse is out of town.

How to Stick with it All

Learn how to make your life easier and continue with it as your family grows and becomes older!

Yes, I want to stop being overwhelmed and finally create a routine that works for my life!