28 Surefire Ways to Make Working Out Easier

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Making time for working out easier with these 28 tips & tricks! Even if you’re a working mom, you still deserve some time to de-stress and find a routine that you actually enjoy! Download the free Work Out Tracker to keep you on track with your fitness goals!


Making time for working out easier with these 28 tips & tricks! Even if you're a working mom, you still deserve some time to de-stress and find a routine that you actually enjoy. Click to see all the tips & tricks!


Over the past few months, I’ve made it a priority to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. And at first, it was really challenging! I am definitely not an athletic person, I have zero grace, and I’m pretty sure my Asthma flares up at the slight thought of being out-of-breath.

Oh and I really hate running.

Anyone else?

I was right there with you not long ago. I was working a full-time job, raising 2 toddlers, running a blog, and also juggling being a wife. It’s hard work! I wasn’t sure where I would find time to work out when, on paper, I had nothing else to give.

Backing up— I’m still carrying baby weight even though my baby is in preschool. 🙂 And I still feel extremely weak from a lack of iron & general exhaustion. When I was pregnant with Owen, I received weekly iron infusions to keep us both healthy.

So after 2+ years of having a baby, it was time to start focusing on myself and building up strength.

I made it a priority to find the time. After all, I wanted to build some endurance and get stronger. If I lost weight, that’d be amazing, but ultimately, I wanted to feel a little less weak every day.

And, after 4 months of including an exercise routine into my day, I wanted to share some easy tips for anyone else who wants to start being more active– but isn’t sure where to start.

When it comes to doing something for ourselves, it’s so easy to get sucked into “Well I could be doing this for the kids instead.

Here is a really powerful way I make sure to meet my exercise goals— I highlight or color over the day of the month in my planner. I use the page that has all the days of the year. It’s made for a really cool view to show “Look at what I’ve accomplished!”


If you want to start your own work out accomplishment sheet, I’ve included one in my printables library. Click here to gain access.


28 Ways to Make Working Out Easier

I know that I need someone to tell me what to do, otherwise I’d be wandering around a gym thinking I’m exercising when in reality, I’m daydreaming. And I’d need some incentive to actually do the work.

What has been working for me?

I joined a gym that is HIIT based, so it’s extremely fast paced, keeps me on my toes, and also charges me $12 a class if I cancel within an 8 hour window. Nothing like a little financial incentive to keep on the straight & narrow!

How To Find Time to Exercise

  • Wake Up Before Everyone Else — I’m up at 3:30am to eat a quick breakfast and make it to my class by 5 am. I’m not worried about leaving the kids for more time during the day because everyone is still sleeping!
  • Go After Bedtime — Night owl? Sneak in a 7:30 or 8:15pm class!
  • Work Out Before Coffee — If you want to stay at home, wake up an extra 30 minutes earlier and do classes in your living room! I’ll share some favorites below
  • Go During Lunch Break — Do you have a 60 minute lunch? Incorporate a low impact (ie low-sweat) routine that allows you to get active at the noon hour. Even my HIIT class offers a condensed 45 minute class at noon.
  • Work Out Before Dinner— Is your work day adjusted so that you leave really early, but are finished by 3:30? Consider hopping into a class or program before picking up the kids. If you want to do it at home, let the kids join you for some lively workouts! [Mine enjoy Zumba on YouTube!]
  • Find a Buddy — Are you lucky enough to have a fellow mama or even your own mama to help you stay motivated?
  • Saturday / Sunday Mornings— Trade in sips of hot coffee & lying around for a quick class
  • Swap Child Care — Let your little ones have fun with another family in the neighborhood! Trade class times with another mom.
  • 20 Minutes Is Better Than None! — Remember, you don’t need to spend 2 hours working out! Even if you can manage 20 great minutes (there are even videos dedicated to this!), make them count and move on with your day!


Need to pack a bag before you leave the house? Here is how I organize my own gym bag!


How to Find Busy Mom Work Out Classes & Programs

  • You Tube Videos (My favorites include Zumba!)
  • Beach Body / P90x videos 
  • Peloton App at Home (Don’t have a fancy bike? Not necessary! Download the subscription-based app & use your own bike)
  • Zumba (These are usually in the evenings after dinner time. Find a local Zumba class here!)
  • Groupon Classes (Once a week check out the Groupon App for promo classes! Not only are they easy on the wallet, but you could try several different classes without the commitment)
  • SoulCycle (On my to-do list to try!)
  • Scheduled Exercise Class [I do Red Effect Infrared Fitness and it’s the BEST]
  • Open Gym for When Your Availability Changes (Think Lifetime Fitness, Planet Fitness, or Anytime Fitness)
  • Work Exercise Class (Does your company offer a wellness program/ Take advantage of classes at a steep discount!)
  • Walking Around Work (Spend lunch outdoors rather than behind your computer!)
  • Running Around Your Community (The cheapest form of exercise. Stay safe and let your husband know which route you are planning on taking each day)
  • Rec & Ed Class (Lookup your local township or county activities)
  • Yoga (Always a favorite and readily available in most areas)
  • Barre Class (Pure Barre, Barre Code, etc…)
  • Class Pass (This is such a cool concept! Each month you pay a subscription and it’s good for a certain number of local classes! You can constantly change up your exercise routine and get to try the trendiest studios. )
  • At Your Desk Exercises 



How to Make Time for Working Out Easier

  • Find a Gym that Offers Childcare — If you are sure that you’ll never find a time when you can’t leave the kids at home, seek out facilities that offer child care for a small fee. Not only are you setting a great example for the kids, but they’ll have fun running around in their area of the gym, too!
  • Pack Your Bag the Evening Beforehand — Packing when you aren’t rushed will help make sure that you don’t miss your towels or work clothes! Full Disclosure: When I’m feeling rushed I’ve left behind makeup and towels. Luckily not on the same day! 🙂
  • Find A Facility that Offers Showers — After my morning class, I use the showers and head to work! If you can find one with showers you won’t have to worry about traveling back home and wasting time in traffic
  • Buy an Extra Blow Dryer / Hair Straightener — Having doubles of the big stuff makes the prep work so much quicker every day
  • Avoid Caffeine Late in the Day to Fall Asleep Earlier — If you are working out in the early morning, make it a point to avoid caffeine in the afternoon the day prior to early wake-up.


When it comes to starting an exercise routine, set a realistic goal. Please don’t set yourself up for feeling defeated by telling yourself that you’re going to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks. Instead,  find something that you enjoy, look forward to most days, and then move to tone, getting stronger, or losing weight.

And don’t forget– making time for yourself & your health is super important! Burning out is so easy to do when you feel like you need to be everything to everyone in the family. Give yourself some time each day to de-stress!


Don’t forget, if you want to start your own work out accomplishment sheet, I’ve included one in my printables library. Click here to gain access.






Making time for working out easier with these 28 tips & tricks! Even if you're a working mom, you still deserve some time to de-stress and find a routine that you actually enjoy. Includes a free work out tracker! Click to see all the tips & tricks! #healthy #ourhomemadeeasy #exercise #workingout


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