Fall Entryway Decor Tour

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Use this quick tip to decorate your fall entryway home decor without using too many seasonal items! Save money & time. Have fun decorating without feeling overwhelmed! 

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This year I am cutting on back on all the pumpkins from last year’s great room and instead focusing on blues, greens, and grays!

I wish I could have you over for coffee, really.

But since I’d need to dust quickly and our Keurig machine is on the fritz, I will say “Come on into our home, it looks a little spruced up for Fall…

We’ve been experiencing several 60 degree days lately, however, I am headed to Orlando this afternoon. Before I headed out, I wanted to share our entryway for Fall with you.

This year I kept the same Quick 2 Step Wreath above the mirror. It’s a goodie. I swapped out last year’s burlap ribbon for this pretty gray buffalo check.

The entire decor for this space wasn’t based on Fall at all— it’s from this blue vase I found at IKEA over the Summer! When I saw it, I thought I need this… and the rest is history #best10dollarsSpent

In addition to the vase, I also found these pretty Eucalyptus branches for $5 apiece at IKEA. Total win and they work for every single season.

That wood board? It’s a cutting board from IKEA, too!

I promise this post is not sponsored by IKEA. They don’t know who I am, I just spent like $30 one afternoon and was super happy with my finds. 🙂

Most importantly about this setup is that I was able to use non-traditional decor and add a few seasonal pieces. It was quick & simple to look for colors as a guide rather than trying to find as many seasonal pieces as possible at Jo-Ann’s or Michael’s store.

Let’s stock up on pieces we love this year over pieces we will only use for a few months. 


The white wood candle holders move around the house (they are some of my favorites!). I set them up with one of our favorite family photos that we received as a Christmas gift last year. Definitely not fall decor, right?

If you’ve been thinking about how you can stretch your decorating skills (& budget), think about colors rather than stuff.

If you are digging the neutral decor this year, I wanted to share some easy links to where I found them.

Fall Entryway Decor Sources:

Have you already started decorating for Fall? Thank you so much for stopping by our home today. I am hoping I can find time to share our dining room with you soon! I’ll catch back up with you when I return from Florida!



Use this quick tip to decorate your fall entryway home decor without using too many seasonal items! Save money & time. Click to see the entryway! #fall #home #fallhome #cozyhom


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