My Favorite Free Trick for Decluttering Cabinets & Kitchen Organization

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My favorite trick for decluttering cabinets & kitchen organization! It costs nothing and is the best way just to start organizing when you feel overwhelmed!  

My favorite trick for decluttering cabinets & kitchen organization! It costs nothing and is the best way just to start organizing when you feel overwhelmed! #homedecor #kitchen #ourhomemadeeasy #organization

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Today I am kicking off ‘Clear the Clutter,’ a 5 Week Organization Challenge with a few other awesome bloggers! Over the next 5 weeks, we will be organizing our homes with you!


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Decluttering  Cabinets & Kitchen Organization

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Organize your entire home with the free Organization Challenge calendar! Grab it at the bottom of this post!

Get your kitchen clean and organized with these helpful kitchen organizing tricks

This week we are starting in the kitchen.


And I have to tell you, whew. Our kitchen could use a lot of organization. Today, I wanted to share one of the biggest ways you can start organizing your kitchen today and it doesn’t cost a single dollar!

If you are thinking about starting to organize your own kitchen and unsure where to start, I think you’ll really like how simple this strategy is.

Yep. We are going for the free, but totally simple way to organize.

Let’s get started!

My Favorite Free Trick for Decluttering Cabinets & Kitchen Organization

If you’re anything like me, I find that as I buy a new appliance or dish, I end up stacking it somewhere that has room. Literally, our cabinets are filled by when I buy something, not necessarily by items that belong together.

OR, we set items in the cabinets when we moved based on the size of the cabinet, not actually how we were going to use the item.

After years of living in our home, we are left with a variety of items in different spots across the room. Serving ware is mixed with Costco sized coffee containers and random pitchers…

kitchen cabinet organization is key in keeping your kitchen organized

keeping your counter tops organized will help you keep kitchen clutter to a minimum

Learn from our mistakes, please.

This week, I am focusing on organizing our kitchen by moving the items I already have into better spaces. Like our coffee pot. When we moved in over 4 years ago, we set it here so that it was close to the trash for emptying. We filled in the cabinets above the coffee pot with serving ware and a bulk coffee grounds.

The coffee filters were in the drawer near the coffee pot.  ?‍♀️

these kitchen organization tips and tricks will take the overwhelm out of organizing your kitchen

these easy kitchen cabinet and counter top organizing tips will help declutter your kitchen

However, our coffee mugs are clear across the kitchen, near the refrigerator since there was a slim cabinet that looked like it could fit the mugs well enough.

Then, we bought a Keurig machine. I set it down in an open spot of the countertop. No, where near our coffee pot.


counter top clutter doesn't help in organizing your kitchen - here's how to organize better

To complicate matters more, we had our glasses near the dishwasher, but nowhere near the refrigerator. When we were thirsty, we’d walk towards the refrigerator, remember that we needed a glass, walk back across the room, grab a glass, then walk back over to the refrigerator. 

We thought we’d need the bigger cabinet space since we had so many glasses. But we were walking around too much.

keeping kitchen cabinets organized is an important part of decluttering your kitchen


How are we going to start decluttering and organizing first this week?

We are going to move our drinking glasses near the refrigerator, where they are really needed. Then, we are going to create a small coffee station where we can grab a cup of coffee– without walking all around the kitchen!

But first- we had to make a mess.

these cabinet decluttering tricks will help you keep your cabinets organized and neat

We pulled everything out of the cabinets and wiped them down while they were empty. Then we started decluttering drinking glasses, mugs who were missing lids, and serving ware that we really didn’t need anymore.

start your cabinet organizing by working through your collection of drinking glasses

have too many glasses cluttering your cabinets? Here's how to organize your kitchen cabinets better

Then we recycled the old glasses. Some were from running races, craft beer walks, or winery tours. We have quite a collection of our running for brews adventures. 🙂 

keep your cabinets organized with these kitchen decluttering tips

Then, we moved the mug rack off the countertops &  into the cabinets. We started putting away the things that we use most often down low. Everything else started getting put away in the upper shelves.

special glasses like pitchers and wine glasses should get their own cabinet

Where the serving ware used to be, we put the wine glasses,  the wine opener, and pitchers.

our coffee mug and coffee cabinet is conveniently located right above our coffee makers

this cabinet organization is perfect for a drinking station


Now, the Keurig machine is near the coffee pot, the mugs are above and unless we need creamer, everything is in one spot! No more doing laps around the kitchen island at 5 am in the morning.


cooking and servingware should be stored closer to where your cooking is done

we moved the servingware closer to where we prepare food so we'd use it more often

Then our serving ware was moved over to the drinking cabinets. I am hoping that since they are by the oven, I’ll actually remember to use them! It’s been a bad habit of mine just to use the closest bowl rather than the right bowl. 

organizing your kitchen cabinets starts with evaluating how many dishes you need to store

Real story of the cabinet? The dishwasher was running– I really have a few more bowls & dishes, but Sunlight + Michigan + January are hard to come by! I had to snap a picture quickly!

Over near the fridge, we moved all the glasses. Even after decluttering the extras, we were a little worried about how they would fit. Turns out, they fit just fine!

store the drinking glasses by the fridge for easy and convenient access

keep drinking glasses stored close to the fridge for easy and convenient access

And maybe finally, I will remember to use all those pretty dishes I’ve picked up over the years. It’s like a new kitchen for me.


And that is week #1 of the Clear the Clutter Challenge!

What can you do today that will help you organize your kitchen? Let me know in the comments below!

keeping your kitchen cabinets more organized is step one in decluttering your kitchen

these cabinet decluttering tips are key in keeping your kitchen organized

And don’t forget to grab your copy of the Clear the Clutter Organization Calendar!  It will walk you through each room of your home over the next month.

I am so excited to have you join us for the challenge!


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  1. I love that you were mindful about the flow of your kitchen. I just refinished kitchen cabinets in my home and I’m sitting here thinking about how I’m going to fill them again and how unconventional I had been storing things before. Thank you!! Excited to get started.

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