Super Easy 3 Ingredient Cream Puff Trifle

This 3 Ingredient Cream Puff Trifle is an easy no-bake dessert that can be assembled in 10 minutes or less!

Make this easy Trifle ahead of time for entertaining.

Ingredients You Will Need:

- Cool Whip - Chocolate Syrup - Belgian Mini Chocolate Dipped Cream Puffs


Begin by taking your chocolate syrup and swirling it around your trifle bowl.


Drop a chocolate-covered cream puff into the Cool Whip and completely cover it with the whipped topping.


Drop the Cool Whip covered cream puff into the trifle bowl.


Continue covering cream puffs with Cool Whip until all 60 of them have made their way into the trifle bowl.


Finally, grab your chocolate syrup and decorate the top of your trifle.


Cover your trifle and place it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve it.

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