How To Easily Make Halloween Mummy Apple Danish

Get creative in the kitchen without spending too much time! Our Halloween Mummy Apple Danish is a spooky delight.

With puff pastry and pie filling, it’s a shortcut to homemade treats.

Ingredients You Will Need:

- Puff pastry sheets - Apple pie filling - Egg - Powdered sugar - Milk - Candy eyes


Roll out both sheets of puff pastry, cut one sheet horizontally into strips.


On the second sheet, cut into 12 uniform rectangles.


Add a heaping spoonful of pie filling to the center of each rectangle.


Place the smaller strips of puff pastry across the top of the rectangles in a crisscross pattern.


Pinch the border of the strudel to seal it.


Bake on parchment at 350° for 15 or until crispy golden.


While the strudels cool, add the powdered sugar and milk to a mixing bowl and whisk until the smooth icing is formed.


Apply the icing however you like, pouring over or using a squeeze bottle for a more controlled application.


Add the eyes to each halloween mummy Apple Danish strudel. Let the icing firm a bit and enjoy!

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Swipe Up For The Full Recipe!