when you feel so overwhelmed

As moms we are often stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed with working full-time, running a household, and keeping our lives organized. 

I get it. It's so hard to organize your life & home at once! 

We organized all our paper clutter in just a few hours!

About a year ago I was feeling so overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork I had to manage for our home.


I stressed out about not being able to keep track of our own receipts and whether we'd paid our quarterly utility bills.

 I didn't want to schedule a work trip when we needed to attend a doctor's appointment. But yet I did. Sigh

I knew something had to change! So I started a method for organizing all my house 'stuff' in one single spot.


I don't miss a thing. That amazing 30 minute chicken dinner? Yep, I know the blog URL so that I'm not spending 20 minutes searching Pinterest.

Getting organized is easy, staying organized should be even easier!

What Are You Struggling With At Home?

  • Are you feeling chronically disorganized?
  • Are your counter tops overflowing with papers & receipts?
  • Did you forget your sister's birthday for the 2nd year in a row?

Did you answer YES to any of those questions?

2 years ago I said YES to all of them. 

I was a working mom juggling two little kids trying to keep our home organized. My husband & I were constantly looking for old receipts, recipes that we liked that one time, and we were always trying to remember our family's birthdays!


I started filing away all our important items in one spot. It didn't matter if it was a favorite dinner recipe, or home maintenance sheet, or even tracking our family's finances!


And then The Ultimate Home Binder was born.

Now, I want to share what helped us get organized with you!


The Ultimate Home Binder

How to organize your Life at Home When You Feel So Overwhelmed

create a one-stop shop for everything home...

The Ultimate Home Binder will empower and enable all moms to reign in the chaos of their homes. This will allow them the ability to focus on improving their daily lives-- not worrying about paper clutter or feeling overwhelmed when looking for a quick answer. 

The Ultimate Home binder is the one-stop shop binder that you've been waiting for.

Take a Peek Inside...


I am a chronically disorganized person .I'm almost always rushing to get places on time, my kitchen counters are full of papers and receipts and I have enough of a hard time remembering my families birthdays let alone other events.. until I got Brittany's home organization binder. 

All I can say is-- wow.  Seriously, I've never seen something so comprehensive. I can now confidently expect that I'll remember important dates and school activities. I can actually SEE my counters because I have a place to put all my papers (and then actually be able to find them later!!), I'm organized in ways I never even thought I needed help in thanks to this binder.

It's so easy to use and I honestly don't think I'll ever need any other organization system!

Kara F. fellow mom of two

Here are just a few benefits of The Ultimate Home Binder...

  • Build month long meal plans
  • Stay on top of home projects
  • Keep up with seasonal home maintenance
  • Track all the important receipts in one place
  • asterisk
    Develop realistic goals for your family
  • asterisk
    Keep track of birthdays, expenses, bill due dates, and doctor’s appointments in one binder
  • asterisk
    Provide undated calendars to keep you on schedule- each year!
  • asterisk
    Become more organized and eliminate the stress of not being able to quickly find what you are looking for by getting everything in one organized place

Yes, I want to stop feeling overwhelmed and finally make my home organized!